Porsche Sales Double in April Led by Cayenne SUV

Porsche AG said in Stuttgart this morning that it increased sales to 11,741 vehicles globally in April 2011, a 53% increase over the same month last year.

The new generation of the Cayenne truck- at 5,998 units in April or 19,175 deliveries from January to April – has basically doubled its sales compared to last year. Sales of the Panamera sedan almost surpassed those of the 911 sports car.

In terms of total vehicle sales Porsche now looks like a traditional automaker rather than a sports car specialty house. 

Porsche expanded in all key sales regions. North America grew 77% in April, 3,495 vehicles more than the same month last year. Of this, 3,172 vehicles (+ 81.5 %) were sold in the USA, traditionally the number one marketplace for Porsche.

In Europe, Porsche has reported a gain of 315 in the fourth month of the year or 3,896 more vehicles were sold than in April 2010. In Germany, sales grew by 1,523 vehicles (+ 19.5 %).

In Asia and in the rest of the world, sales rose by 56.5 per cent to 4,029 vehicles. China, now Porsche’s second most important market, reported continued growth with 2,316 Porsche vehicles delivered, up 49% compared to April 2010.

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