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Porsche Dealerships Adopt New Corporate Architecture

It seems that every time Porsche executives get bored they go shopping for a new, and decidedly more expensive look. The first Porsche Experience Center opened on the factory grounds in Leipzig in 2002. It was followed by Silverstone (UK, 2008), Atlanta (USA, 2015), Le Mans (France, 2015), and Los Angeles (USA, 2016). A new center in Shanghai (China) was added in April 2018. (View AutoInformed on Porsche Opens Experience Center in Los Angeles) Continue reading

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Milestones – 50 Years of the Porsche 911

More than 820,000 Porsche 911 models have been built, making it, arguably, the most successful sports car in the world since it was first shown in 1963. For each of its seven generations the engineers in Zuffenhausen and Weissach have revised it, while retaining its identifiable and now classic lines and proportions, as well as its famous but often quirky performance. Continue reading

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Porsche Opens Display at Autostadt Park in Wolfsburg

Porsche AG inaugurated its new pavilion in Wolfsburg’s Autostadt theme park today. The auto manufacturer’s new exhibition building has a curved roof design said to be inspired by the silhouette of a Porsche 911. Inside, the center stage of the pavilion displays 25 vehicle models that take visitors on a journey through the development of the sports car brand. Continue reading

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New Porsche Paint Shop for New 911s at Zuffenhausen

The opening of the new paint shop this week in Zuffenhausen coincides with the start of production of the new Porsche 911, arguably the most famous sports car in the world since its 1964 début. The revised 911 bodies are painted inside and out in a dust free environment at the enclosed plant, which is located in a densely populated urban area of Stuttgart. Continue reading

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Porsche Sales Double in April Led by Cayenne SUV

In terms of total vehicle sales Porsche now looks like a traditional automaker rather than a sports car specialty house. Continue reading

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Porsche Posts 13% Sales Increase in Q1, €496 million Profit

Porsche AG in Stuttgart said today that during the first three months of the 2011 financial year sales were up 13% to 23,442 vehicles compared to the year before. As a result, the German luxury vehicle maker said that Q1 … Continue reading

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