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April Sales Shower US Market More than 18 Million Times

This refreshing rejuvenation is partly the results of improved social, health and economic conditions under the successful Biden Administration that acted urgently to quell the largest public health crisis in US history that the previous Administration either ignored or promoted. Enjoy the flowers that are coming your way. Continue reading

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Chrysler, Ford, GM Post Double Digit April Sales Gains

The Detroit Three all had strong U.S. sales during April, recording levels not seen since the housing market collapse and the Bush Great Depression took hold during the last decade. Continue reading

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Ford Europe Sales Down 10% in April. UK and Eastern EU Up

Like other automakers, Ford is struggling with the contractionist policies of governments in Germany and Brussels, as voter unrest grows with the Depression level economic conditions. Both in April and year-to-date light vehicle sales in the EU are off almost 8%, the fifth straight year of declines. Continue reading

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April Sales at Toyota Motor up 12%. Honda and Nissan Flat

The strong April sales performance at Toyota Motor Sales brought it to within a rounding error to surpass a slumping Ford Motor Company for the Number Two ranking in U.S. auto sales. TMS was only 1,614 units behind Ford Motor, according to numbers from the consultancy AutoData. Continue reading

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Chrysler Group April 2012 U.S. Sales Increase 20% to 141,000

Chrysler Group today reported April U.S. sales of 141,165 units, a 20% increase compared with sales in April 2011 of 117,225 units. It was the comeback car company’s best sales performance in the month of April since 2008 when it was speeding toward bankruptcy and a taxpayer bailout.

During April Chrysler Group recorded its 25th-consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains and its 11th-straight month of sales increases of at least 20%. Based on preliminary sales numbers, Chrysler Group beat the average sales increase for the auto industry for the 14th-consecutive month. Continue reading

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Ford Motor U.S. Sales Drop 5% in April. Car Sales off 11%

Ford Motor U.S. sales decreased 5% in April to 180,350 vehicles, with car sales dropping 11% at 64,790. Fleet sales were 37% of the mix. Overall, Ford Motor Sales were buoyed by trucks and sport utilities, but Ford is now facing a strong challenge from Toyota Motor Sales, which is expected to be up almost 12% in April when Toyota reports later today. Toyota is closing in on Ford’s Number Two U.S. sales ranking. Continue reading

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Spring Auto Selling Season Sags as April Sales Rate Slows

Even rich people are apparently now concerned about the large depreciation rates of their luxury vehicles, which drives up the cost of ownership as trade-in values or lease residuals droop. The improved content and features in recent non-luxury vehicles offer a better value for consumers returning to the marketplace, especially if their needs are not ego driven. The problem for automakers is compounded by market forces, which are prompting free maintenance on non-luxury cars, once the sole province of expensive vehicles. Continue reading

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Porsche Sales Double in April Led by Cayenne SUV

In terms of total vehicle sales Porsche now looks like a traditional automaker rather than a sports car specialty house. Continue reading

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