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Driverless Cars – People Less Positive Than You Might Assume

If you’re like most auto enthusiasts, likely you are comfortable with the progress of technology from manual chokes to feed-back carburetors to port and then direct fuel injection. Looked at through the windshield of a sports car, electronic shifting and … Continue reading

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UK – Majority HORRIFIED by Idea of Driverless Cars

The latest findings might worry policy makers, safety advocates and politicians who are doggedly insisting that driverless cars be introduced onto not only the UK’s roads, but in other western economies. Continue reading

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AutoInformed Special Report: More Press Releases than Automated Vehicles as Makers Describe Intentions

Thus, appears a new auto biz acronym – automated, connected, and electric (ACE) automotive technologies that in laughable jargon “will enable new mobility paradigms, new companies, and new business and revenue models that have the potential to alter the way consumers interact with vehicles.” Continue reading

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Your Computerized Car allows Governments to Snoop

The next car you buy will be computerized, override your inputs, all the while gathering vast amounts of personal data that will be used for marketing purposes. Continue reading

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