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Ford India Shelves EV Manufacturing Export Plans

In an official response as Ford’s Annual Meeting was underway in the US, Ford India’s spokesperson confirmed and said, “After careful review, we have decided to no longer pursue EV manufacturing for exports from any Indian plant.” At the Annual Meeting Bill Ford and Jim Farley fielded tough questions about its EV strategy, splitting the company into two arms and ongoing supply chain and perennial guilty problems. Ford shares are down ~40% this year. (AutoInformed: Ford Motor Blues – Q1 Loss of $3.1 Billion; Ford Motor Structure Threatens Viability. Vast Reorg Coming) Continue reading

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Alexandra Ford English to Join Rivian’s Board of Directors

The announcement comes at crucial point for Ford Motor as analysts are speculating that future of a challenged Ford – operational competence, liquidity, as well as quality and warranty issues – will require a merger with another global automaker, perhaps Volkswagen. (Bill Ford has been quoted – second hand – by insiders as saying “No.” Then after a pause “Hell No.”) Continue reading

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Ford Family Defeats One Share, One Vote at Annual Meeting

Once again, the Ford family with its 16 votes for every share of class B beat back a dissident shareholder proposal that would recapitalize the company at one vote per share. All told, a total of 5,734,531,807 votes were vote at the meeting. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Misses Targets Cuts CEO Pay to ‘Only’ $21 Million

In the bizarre world of 0.1-percenters, Ford Motor Company cut CEO Alan Mulally’s compensation by almost 30% because the quality-challenged company missed its 2012 goals. Even so Mulally earned $2,000,000 in salary and $3,950,000 in cash bonus in 2012. His total listed compensation in 2012 – including the grant date value of long-term stock options and other performance-based equity awards – was $20,995,806. This is a drop from his $2 million in salary, $5.46 million in bonus and $22 million in other compensation for 2011. Continue reading

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Thirty Percent of Ford Shareholders Vote against Family Control

While a grand total of 63 people bothered to attend the Ford Motor Company annual meeting of shareholders in Wilmington, Delaware today, 29.5% of investors or 1,283,063,982 of them voted against Ford family control of the company through their holdings of Class B stock, which has 16 votes per share as opposed to one per share of common, assuming no one in the Ford family voted for losing power.
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