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Nissan Shareholders Elect 7 Independent Directors Out of 11

The new board of directors comprises 11 individuals, seven of whom are independent outside directors. Power appears to be evenly split between Renault and Nissan despite Nissan’s and the Japanese government’s interest in asserting more control. Renault, which owns 43% of Nissan and the French government, which owns 15% of Renault, are pushing for a merger. Paper organization charts are not always how business is conducted in mega, joint venture corporations. So, it will take some time to see how this works out as the Ghosn matter proceeds through the Japanese “legal” system. Continue reading

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Renault Returns the Nissan Abstinence Vote Favor

This after the French government asked for more time to study the FCA Renault merger when it learned that Nissan intended to abstain from a vote that would allow it to go forward. Continue reading

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Predictably – So-Called Tokyo “Court” Secretly Prolongs Detention of Carlos Ghosn By 10 Days According to TV Asahi

Ghosn, accused of aggravated breach of trust, is facing allegations of making the car maker take on ¥1.85 billion ($16.8 million) in investment losses that allegedly were his. (See AutoInformed from last Sunday: Japanese Justice or Farce?) Continue reading

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Japanese Justice or Farce?

Carlos Ghosn remains in a tiny jail cell in jail for at least the rest of the year, a Tokyo court ruled today, Sunday 23 December 2018. Ghosn stays locked up until January 1, giving the Japanese “authorities” added time to question him – without his lawyer present – on more alleged wrongdoings as Nissan Motors CEO. Continue reading

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Japanese Scrooges Run Amok as Carlos Ghosn Re-Arrested. Christmas Locked Up for the Gaijin!

Prosecutors then re-arrested Ghosn on new charges in a sordid tale that goes back to Ghosn’s first arrest on 19 November 2018. Ghosn could now be in a tiny jail cell for another 10 days or more, where he has been locked up since last month on initial allegations of financial misconduct. Continue reading

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