Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for the New Hummer EV

Ken Zino of on 2021 GMC Hummer EV.

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GMC says that its all-electric truck debuts in fall, beginning production fall of 2021. So, HUMMER hype begins. The EV’s on- and off-road abilities will appear closer to debut – delayed by COVID. Engineering targets of 1000 hp and 11,500 lb. ft. torque mean a zero-to-60 mph acceleration time of ~3 seconds.

Meanwhile Jeep and Ford electrification appear to have a couple of laps up on Hummer, which is in the pits, err, GM prototyping. It all depends on how buyers choose – hybrids or pure EVs? Conservative buyers, aka truck buyers, have thus far shunned such powertrains. Pure EVs are expensive (the Cadillac ELR abject failure comes to mind) compared to hybrids and conventional vehicles. At least HUMMER EV wanna-bees have time to save the large amounts of currency that will be required for either a lease or purchase. 

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Ken Zino of on GMC Hummer EV


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