Ford Motor US Sales Up in November

Ford Motor appears to be the only major U.S. automaker to report a year-over-year sales increase in November 2021. Preliminary data show an increase of 5.9% compared to November 2020. Retail share totaled an estimated 13.8% or 2.7 percentage points higher than  a weak November 2020. During November, 29 % of Ford retail sales came from previously placed customer orders as the company struggles to manage the semiconductor crisis* that is affecting the entire industry. Initial industry wide data show a 6% y-o-y decline in November, which was better than in the previous two months, but volume fell to 1 million units and the annualized selling rate fell to under 13 million units, according to LMC.

As usual Ford Motor should consider changing its name to Ford Truck. Ford brand SUVs achieved record November retail sales on the success of new products. Sales increased 25.6% y-o-y to a  total of 66,390 vehicles. The Bronco family had its highest combined sales since launch – totaling 19,773 SUVs, which to put it in perspective is less than the output of one assembly plant on an annual basis.

Sales of Lincoln’s new Nautilus increased 24.9% y-o-y. Year-to-date, sales of the new Nautilus are up 14.6%. While inventory is scant, Lincoln took in a record number of new retail vehicle orders last month, totaling 2,600. Mustang Mach-E sales increased 8.4% from October on sales of 3,088 SUVs, though as a latecomer it still trails Tesla’s Model Y.

Combined, Ford’s newer vehicles, including Mustang Mach-E, Bronco, Bronco Sport and Maverick, have the fastest turn rates on dealer lots, the Dearborn based automaker claimed. They are turning in under 12 days, with Maverick turning in just 5 days. Maverick Hybrid recorded its first sales at the end of November and more hybrids are on their way to dealers.

*72.2% of U.S. manufacturing  businesses experienced domestic supplier delays in the last week. The national average was 45.8%, according to the US Census Bureau.

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  1. Alliance for Automotive Innovation on US November 2021 Sales : “After sales bottomed in September, November was expected to be the second straight month of growth as inventory began to rebound. However, this was not the case. Sales fell 4.1% below October for a 12.9M seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR), well below the forecasted 13.6 million. Declining consumer confidence – due in part to escalating inflation – rising vehicle prices, and a lack of incentives are thought to be the reasons for the stall of sales in November. Incentives were down more than 50% year-over-year and holiday vehicle shoppers may be waiting to see if December offers better deals. These delayed transactions could provide a pop in sales to close out the year. Also boding well for sales in December is a 2.9% growth in inventory from the prior month, with 1.05 million units.”

    Alliance for Automotive Innovation, aka Auto Innovators, is comprised of the manufacturers producing nearly 99% of new cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. as well as original equipment suppliers, technology and other automotive-related companies, and trade associations.

  2. AutoCrat says:

    Ford Motor is recalling about 15,000 Bronco Sport and Escape vehicles in theUS because of defective rear brake linings that could affect braking performance. The recall covers vehicles from the 2021-22 model years, according to a safety recall report posted on NHTSA’s website today. 2 December 2021.

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