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GM Ups Ante Calls Out Other Automakers on EVs?

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV has an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles (383 kM) from its 60-kWh battery pack that is made in Korea. What the future holds depends energy prices, and EV prices – roughly $40,000 or more with options for a Tesla Model 3 or Bolt mid-size car. Continue reading

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2017 Bolt EV Has Aggressive Regenerative Braking

One-pedal driving combines the highest available level of regenerative braking, which converts the kinetic energy from deceleration into electricity and sends to the Bolt EV battery pack. Continue reading

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Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept – A Tesla for Working People

Chevrolet today increased its concentration on the electrification of the automobile with the introduction of the Bolt EV concept, a long-range all-electric vehicle designed to offer more than 200 miles of range starting at around $30,000. Continue reading

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High Voltage! Gen 2 Chevrolet Volt is Significant Redesign

The new Volt has better gas mileage, greater range, faster acceleration, a fifth seat of sorts, and an all-new propulsion system. Pricing, yet to be announced, could be the deciding factor in Volt’s sales future. Former GM CEO Dan Ackerson, a venture capitalist, when he predicted astronomical sales had no idea that this is a long-term ~2030 play. Continue reading

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