GMC Adds Hummer SUV EV. Direct Selling Without Dealers?

Ken Zino of on Hummer EV SUV

Just bring money – lot’s of money…

GMC’s electric struck line is expanding with the addition of the 2024 Hummer EV SUV. When production begins on the SUV in early 2023, Edition 1 will start at, gulp, $105,595. Range is estimated at 300 miles on a full charge. Equipped with the Extreme Off-Road Pack, the SUV leaps to $110,595, with an estimated range of 280 miles on a full charge.

Ken Zino of on Hummer EV SUV

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GM has not disclosed which plant will build the Hummer SUV – but has scheduled a virtual press conference with President Mark Reuss from Factory Zero in Hamtramck today. (GM’s Factory ZERO – First U.S. Plant to Install 5G)

Perhaps even bigger news is that the Hummer will be sold by GM online, with dealers playing only a supporting role at the introduction. Customers who reserve a vehicle can choose the dealer where they would like the vehicle to be delivered. That dealer will then complete the sale/transaction. It’s clearly part of the strong US retail trend – accelerating from Covid – that consumers are becoming more comfortable and more apt to us computers and phones to buy goods and services. Ultimately, we think traditional dealers will play a diminishing role.

 Ken Zino of on Hummer EV SUVNew technologies include trail mapping – optional via the redesigned myGMC app1, and a new optional Power Station generator2 that enables customers to use up to 3 kilowatts of power from the vehicle, turning the HUMMER EV SUV into a power source on the trail or a backup generator.

Hummer EV’s interdependent body/battery structure enables the Infinity Roof on the EV pickup as well as the SUV, and its off-road proportions help make the new SUV more maneuverable — while using most of the Hummer EV’s stuff, such as optional CrabWalk3, and optional Extract Mode4.

Additional Things

  • Interdependent body/battery structure that supports a unique, double-stacked battery pack
  • An available three-motor Ultium Drive system that delivers up to 830 horsepower and up to 11,500 lb.-ft. of torque – enough for 0-60-mph sprints in ~3.5 seconds with optional – marketing babble alert -Watts To Freedom5 GM estimates.
  • New satellite-rendered trail mapping powerallows drivers to discover and navigate  and despoil off-road trails, while monitoring their vehicle’s energy consumption in real time, with community-based energy forecast through their myGMC app1
  • New optional Power Station generator2 that enables 19.2kW AC charging, generator function (120v/25A/3kW) and an ability to charge other EVs (240v/25A/6kW)
  • Great degree of customization via buttons on the center stack, and nearly 200 accessories will be optional for Hummer EV
  • Maneuverability, with nearly 9-inch less wheelbase than HUMMER EV Pickup, giving it hoped for best-in-class off-road proportions, with larger departure and breakover angles and a tighter turning circle of 35.4 feet (10.8 meters) with 4-Wheel Steer
  • An “immersive experience that puts the driver at the center,” including customizable user experience f and an open-air driving, with the standard Infinity Roof with removable Sky Panels and I-Bar

The Hummer EV SUV is from General Motors’ Ultium Platform and launches with the “exclusive” (translation very expensive) Edition 1 package, offered in Moonshot Green Matte6 optional with or without the Extreme Off-Road Package, for driving efficiency or greatest off-road capability.


With a nearly 9-inch shorter wheelbase than the HUMMER EV Pickup, the all-new HUMMER EV SUV offers even greater maneuverability, with expected best-in-class off-road proportions and a turning circle of only 35.4 feet (10.8 meters) with 4 Wheel Steer — smaller than a Mustang Mach-E.

 Ken Zino of on Hummer EV SUVWithout the constraints of a conventional propulsion system and traditional drive axles, power and control are available to each wheel. The Ultium drive system can channel power to a single wheel, keeping the vehicle moving in rough driving conditions and terrain. Supporting this are 13 inches of suspension travel, climbing 60% grades (forward and reverse), scaling 18-inch verticals and fording water more than 2 feet deep.

Standard features on 2X, 3X and Edition 1 models include 4-Wheel Steer with CrabWalk3, which allows diagonal-drive functionality, as well as Adaptive Air Suspension with Extract Mode4 and 22-inch wheels with 35-inch-OD Goodyear all-terrain tires. Standard on 3X and Edition 1 is e4WD with torque vectoring. The available Extreme Off-Road Package adds:

  • Unique 18-inch wheels and 35-inch-OD Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires
  • Underbody armor and rock sliders
  • UltraVision with underbody cameras7 (front- and rear-facing with wash system)
  • Front eLocker and rear virtual lockers
  • Heavy-duty ball-spline half shafts

“Designing the Pickup and SUV simultaneously helped us give each their own unique features to maximize utility,” said Phil Zak, HUMMER EV design executive director. “The SUV’s tight proportions create a distinct profile and spacious cargo area, while maintaining a roomy and architecturally-inspired cabin.”

  • The rear design is unique to the SUV and incorporates a standard full-size spare tire mounted to a power swing-out tailgate. Using one of three button options, the swing gate automatically opens like a vault — even wider than the vehicle itself. The extra width allows for a 48-inch opening designed to make loading gear and supplies easier. The spare tire mount also chouses a rear-facing camera5 to assist with reverse maneuvers and trailer alignment.
  • Inside, a similar five-passenger layout from the Pickup remains, allowing for a large and useful rear cargo area. With the rear seats folded flat, the HUMMER EV SUV offers up to 81.8 cubic feet of cargo space8. Additional storage space is under the load floor and another compartment integrated into the side trim.
  • The SUV’s Edition 1 debuts a new, exclusive Moonshot Green Matte6 exterior color, and the SUV’s full palette will offer seven additional colors (late availability and some at additional cost, of course). Edition 1 also introduces the Lunar Shadow interior theme, which will be an option to complement the high-contrast Lunar Horizon interior previously shown on the Pickup.

Strong and Fast

As with the HUMMER EV Pickup, the new SUV is built on a unique, interdependent body/battery structure that serves two crucial functions: It reinforces the overall structure for exceptional rigidity, while also protecting the double-stacked Ultium battery pack.

“The HUMMER EV’s body protects the battery, while the battery supports the structure,” said Oppenheiser. “That means the battery pack itself is a structural element, which enables a truly open-air experience and a rare combination of extreme off-road capability and smooth on-road performance in a body-frame integral platform.”

A large, flat load floor incorporates a protective sheer panel sandwiched between the high-strength martensitic top and bottom layers, which help protect the battery. The strength and rigidity of the floor help reduce twisting and deformation, while also providing the stiffness required to enable the HUMMER EV’s removable Sky Panels and I-Bar.

The inevitable footnotes – at least these aren’t optional to view:

1App functionality and features vary with vehicle equipment and trim level. Data connection may be required. Some features require active service plan and working electrical system.
2Available on 2024 model year SUV Edition 1, EV3X and EV2X, and late availability beginning 2024 model year EV3X and EV2X Pickup. Requires additional accessory equipment. See dealer and Owner’s Manual for more details.
3Limited to low speeds.
4Limited to low speeds. Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for important feature limitations and information.
5Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for more important safety feature limitations and information.
6Special care required for matte paint. See owner’s manual for more details.
7Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for important feature limitations and information. Some camera views require available accessory camera and installation. Not compatible with all trailers. See your dealer for details.
8Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution
9GMC Infotainment System functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.
10Requires compatible smart phone.
11Always pay attention while driving and when using Super Cruise. Do not use a handheld device. Additional plan must be purchased after 3-year subscription ends.
12GM estimated. EPA estimates not yet available. Actual range will vary based on several factors, including temperature, terrain, battery age, and vehicle loading, use and maintenance.
13Requires use of public 800-volt DC fast chargers.
14Feature unavailable in cold weather and at or near full charge.
15Always use the brake pedal when you need to stop urgently

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2 Responses to GMC Adds Hummer SUV EV. Direct Selling Without Dealers?

  1. Mark Reuss says:

    The recently revealed GMC HUMMER EV SUV will be built at Factory ZERO. Chevrolet will also introduce a Silverado electric pickup truck that will be built at the company’s Factory ZERO assembly plant in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan.

    GM plans to deliver more than 1 million electric vehicles globally by 2025 and earn EV market leadership in North America. With the company’s Ultium Platform, virtual development tools and technology, GM has reduced vehicle development times by nearly 50% to just 26 months.
    The Chevrolet Silverado electric full-size pickup is designed from the ground up to be an EV, harnessing the best of the Ultium Platform and Silverado’s proven capability. The electric Silverado will offer customers a GM-estimated range of more than 400 miles on a full charge.
    Retail and fleet versions will offer customers a variety of options and are expected to be in high demand. Today’s announcement affirms Chevrolet’s commitment to build on the brand’s 100 years of truck expertise and leadership, while transitioning to an all-electric future in the light-vehicle space.

    The vehicles coming from Factory ZERO will change the world, and how the world views electric vehicles. The GMC HUMMER EV SUV joins its stablemate in the realm of true supertrucks, and Chevrolet will take everything Chevy’s loyal truck buyers love about Silverado — and more — and put it into an electric pickup that will delight retail and commercial customers alike.

    The 2024 HUMMER EV SUV is the next chapter in the HUMMER EV story, offering more options for customers to tailor the truck to their lifestyles, while continuing to encourage them to forge new paths with zero emissions. Driven by the Ultium Platform, the new HUMMER EV SUV launches with the exclusive Edition 1, offering greater customer choice to equip the vehicle for optimum efficiency or maximum off-road capability. GMC HUMMER EVs were envisioned to be the most capable and compelling electric super trucks. – Mark Reuss is president of General Motors.

    (In January 2020, GM announced it was investing $2.2 billion in its Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant to produce a variety of all-electric trucks and SUVs. In October 2020, GM renamed the plant Factory ZERO, which reflects the facility’s significance in advancing GM’s vision of a future with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. Factory ZERO is the launchpad for GM’s multi-brand EV strategy. The facility has advanced technology and tooling and was designed with a focus on sustainable manufacturing. The GMC HUMMER EV pickup and the Cruise Origin, a purpose-built, all-electric and shared self-driving vehicle will also be built at Factory ZERO. Production of the GMC HUMMER EV pickup will begin later this year.)

  2. “President Biden has drafted an extensive push towards electrification, which he talked about during his campaign and is now making happen. Expanding beyond this, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine recently issued a report that includes recommendations for CAFÉ for 2025-2035. Both of these align well with the Paris accords and push for an improved better carbon footprint for the USA. There will be negotiations, and some of this will be slightly watered down when passed through the legislature, but the automotive community supports this direction. Many EV products and manufacturing facilities are being announced with significant investment. These developments will address products and infrastructure, BUT developing customer demand is key to their success.

    “In this regard, as an industry, we must address what we can do to inform consumers about EVs better, how they will meet the needs of their daily lives, the consumer’s total ROI, and total cost of ownership, amongst others. We need to allow our data to be utilized to determine how to manage and position charging stations to meet the growing demand. We need to push for charging in multi-unit dwellings. The customer is king, and without them, we won’t meet the goals that we know are necessary for our air quality and health.”

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