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CARB OK’s Record $1.5B for Clean Vehicles, Mobility Options

The CARB approval came the same week as the Biden Administration passed its forward looking, far reaching enlightened infrastructure bill will also move the U.S. toward a cleaner*, job creating society for all that not only builds back better, but posies the U.S. for successful leadership in dealing with extreme climate and life-killing global warming. Continue reading

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Record year for California Climate Investments

Despite Republican opposition, Californians have gained from these CARB investments through improved public health, fire prevention, affordable housing and energy efficiency, as well as significant reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases. To date, California Climate Investments projects have helped plant more than 133,000 urban trees, reduced smog-forming and other air pollutants by more than 60,000 tons, added more than 7,200 new affordable housing units, and saved Californians almost $93 million through water energy‑efficiency projects. Continue reading

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California Climate Investments  – $900 Million in Projects

After two of California’s worst fire seasons on record, California Climate Investments is helping to pay for nearly 70 forest-health and wildfire-prevention projects, including many forest-adjacent communities in the wildland-urban interface.  Continue reading

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27 Electric Trucks Coming to SoCal Freight and Rail Yards

Exposure to diesel exhaust, of course, can lead to serious health conditions like asthma and respiratory illnesses and can worsen existing heart and lung disease, especially in children and the elderly. These conditions can result in increased numbers of emergency room visits, hospital admissions, absences from work and school, and premature deaths. It also produces ground level ozone, a contributor to Global Warming. Continue reading

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