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GM Plant Workers Face Threats After Voting Out Corrupt Union

On 17 and 18 August, workers at the General Motors (GM) plant in Silao, Mexico, voted against the current collective bargaining agreement, which since 2008 has been controlled by Tereso Medina, general secretary of the Miguel Trujillo López union, affiliated the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM). A total of 6,480 workers cast their ballot. There were 2,623 votes in favor of the agreement, 3,214 against, and 39 spoiled ballots. As a result, the current collective agreement is in the process of being scrapped. Workers will not lose any of their rights, and their benefits and working conditions will remain the same until new representatives are elected. Continue reading

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GM Workers in Mexico Reject Corrupt Union to Form New One

Workers at General Motors plant in Silao, Mexico, have formed a new union – the national union of automotive workers, SINTTIA. The union seeks to represent GM workers and negotiate a new collective employment agreement. In a crucial vote on … Continue reading

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IndustriALL – Organizing the Growing Battery Supply Chain

With widespread workers rights’ violations and low union participation, IndustriALL, a global union umbrella organization, has been warily looking at the increase in battery demand during the next ten years. No surprise that IndustriALL and affiliates have started developing a strategy for workers along the supply chain. The question is can they make positive changes for the people who often do the work in a world were the non-tax paying rich rig the political, legal and social systems against them? Continue reading

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Dutch Court Rules Shell Must Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The ruling sets a significant precedent. It clearly opens the door to climate change litigation against other energy companies, such as Total, BP, Exxon, Mobil, or Chevron, among others. Ultimately, when all the legal maneuvering to escape culpability is over from well-financed Big Oil, fossil fuel suppliers will be forced to increase and/or speed emission reduction plans and their implementation. Continue reading

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Brazil –  A Ford Motor South American Nightmare

In  money-losing South America there is a governmental history of graft and corruption, economic catastrophes and failed financial and fiscal policies – among other factors at play. The brew distilling there appears to be 151-proof toxic. The outcome is a potential drunk-driving multi-car collision that will leave smoldering businesses and tragically ruined lives and careers. This is all playing out against a backdrop of a new potent Corona virus variant in Brazil and an ongoing public health disaster. Deaths have surpassed 250,000 there. It is the world’s second-highest mortality tally after the U.S. Continue reading

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Brazil to Nationalize Ford Motor Plants?

Ford workers are looking for ways to protect their jobs and have agreed to begin talks with the US carmaker’s global management team today. They are also looking into the possibility of introducing a bill to nationalize Ford’s operations in Brazil. Continue reading

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Safran Won’t Deal with Black Women in Mississippi

Workers United has bargained with Safran since September for a new agreement. Negotiations broke down when the employer refused to accept pay increases for the coming three years and insisted that they would be able to use any criteria to lay-off or recall workers. Safran already has the right to lay-off and recall employees in tiers of most efficient workers and least efficient workers. Continue reading

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Multinationals Liable For Supply Chains? Swiss Vote Due

“For too long, multinational corporations have been able to hide their abuses behind a veneer of respectability, using plausible deniability whenever bad behavior is highlighted. The Responsible Business Initiative is part of a global movement by unions and civil society organizations to hold companies responsible for their behavior,” said IndustriALL general secretary Valter Sanches. Continue reading

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