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Europe’s Diesel Addiction Continues Starting with Germany

This was “in a depressed market that is suffering not only from supply issues, but perhaps starting to feel the beginnings of a consumer slowdown, although that is thought to be a relatively minor part of the problem as the order backlog remains significant,” the respected LMC Automotive* consultancy said today. Continue reading

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No Joy in May Global Light Vehicles Sales

In year-over-year comparison terms, sales were down 10%. In China, the reopening of manufacturing facilities in mid-April supported a rebound in sales for a moment. In the US, the industry is beset with problems, many of them self-inflected, including record high transaction prices, low inventory, and low incentives. Continue reading

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US May Auto Sales – Record Prices as Sales Plunge -29%

“Headwinds continue to stack against a sustained market recovery and stability in vehicle supply. We expect the economy and auto market to remain plagued by volatility for the foreseeable future. Given the elevated risk, it is plausible for 2022 to turn to negative from the 2021 level, with volume down to 14.7 million units. Continue reading

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Europe’s Diesel Car Problem – 20% of the Market!

The latest diesel sales information comes at a time when 27 automakers are lobbying the EU to ban the sale of all, yes all internal combustion vehicles by 2035 and replace them with zero emissions vehicles  – aka electric –  if  the Global Warming goals of net zero emissions are to be met by 2050 to avoid the worst impacts of planet- and people-killing climate change. Continue reading

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ASEAN Light Vehicle Sales Still Soaring in March

ASEAN LV sales continued to increase in March (+17% YoY and +32% MoM), improving Q1 2021 sales by 23% YoY, according to the LMC Automotive consultancy. LMC attributed this to falling COVID-19 cases leading to normalizing economic activity and mobility in the region. “As a result, overall ASEAN LV sales are now increased to 3.10 mn units, or a 13% YoY increase, this year,” said LMC. Continue reading

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West European Car Sales Decline in April to 8.8 Million

“Supply chain bottlenecks still the key reason for the depressed level of registration statistics. The war in Ukraine, as well as lock-downs in China, will likely exacerbate supply issues, meaning vehicle sales will continue to suffer from a lack of adequate supply,” LMC said today. Continue reading

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US April Sales Up 6.5%. SAAR Down -21.9% YoY

“However, April 2022’s SAAR was down by 21.9% compared to the stellar sales pace seen in April of 2021 which was driven by strong consumer demand and enough inventory available to meet that demand. April 2021 was one of the last sales months before inventory began to decline significantly and limit the sales pace. We don’t expect that April’s month-end inventory level will change much from March’s level of 1.23 million units as the industry is still unable to produce enough vehicles to meet current demand, let alone restock dealer lots,” said Patrick Manzi, NADA’s Chief Economist. Continue reading

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Western Europe – BEVs Gaining Share. Diesel Threatened.

“Further decline is inevitable though and may be accelerated by steep price increases at the diesel pump. Gasoline prices have risen a little less, which heightens the attractiveness of that fuel type over diesel while BEV looks increasingly alluring from a fuel price standpoint as liquid road fuels continue at near-record price levels across the region,” noted LMC. Continue reading

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