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Solid State Batteries: Factorial Energy Parade Adds Stellantis

The agreement also includes a strategic investment from Stellantis. Mercedes-Benz also has invested in Factorial in what were in effect concurrent announcements. Stellantis announced in July 2021 its target of having the first competitive solid state battery technology introduced by 2026. Solid-state batteries exist as automotive vaporware currently so all the usual caveats about Forward Looking Statements apply. Continue reading

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Solid State Batteries Lure Mercedes-Benz to Factorial Energy

Solid-state batteries exist as vaporware currently. They are enticing because of the difference in the use of an electrolyte that is made of solid material instead of the commonly used liquid electrolyte. The electrolyte, of course, is needed to transport ions back and forth between the electrodes when charging and discharging the battery. Solid electrolytes promise optimization of battery safety, as well as the use of new types of anodes, such as lithium-metal anodes. These can provide an almost doubled energy density compared to today’s Li-ion battery cells. As a result, they promise an increase in range, while at the same time ensuring shorter charging times. Continue reading

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