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Global Light Vehicle Sales Rate Drops in February

Even with the disruption to the world’s largest auto market due to the Chinese New Year, sales for the rest of the globe were weaker compared with the month before. Year-on-year (YoY) sales were 1% down on a poor base performance last February. Continue reading

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Ukraine – EU Truck Sectors at Immediate Risk. Others to Unfold

Putin’s war against Ukraine continues to present uncertain, but no doubt negative impacts on the global auto industry. The Medium and Heavy Truck segments throughout the European region are now clearly under extreme risk. Other collateral risks – such as the shutdown of Toyota in Japan this morning because of a cyber-attack – will only become apparent after they happen in AutoInformed’s view. Continue reading

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US Battery Electric Vehicle Market – Progress or Proliferation? Tesla has a 75% Share. Is the Nissan Leaf a Best Buy?

The Nissan Leaf was the first modern pure EV when it launched in 2010. Since then the US battery electric vehicle market has added roughly 20 different models with prices ranging from ~$21,000 to more than $160,000. The question for consumers is this progress or just proliferation? Well, as always, it depends on what you consider. Continue reading

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May US Light Vehicle Sales – Start of an Affordability Slump?

But there is more going on here, AutoInformed opines, given current market conditions. While automakers and the business press have been chasing the semi-conductor shortage, many claim May’s drop in sales are the effects of a supply and demand imbalance. However, the vehicle mix of highly-equipped vehicles, plentiful low-interest-rate money, and the headlong rush into electric vehicles – priced above an average working person’s ability to carry the loan – are starting to make light vehicles unaffordable to the working and middle classes. Continue reading

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Ugh – US Light Vehicle Sales Drop during February 2021

Blame the weather since US light vehicle sales dropped to 1.18 million in February, according LMC Automotive, an automotive global forecasting consultancy. Continue reading

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Good and Bad? January US Light Vehicle Sales Down -3%

Projections for 2020 Global Light Vehicle sales ended at 77.7 million units, down -14% from 2019 and with a stronger recovery than expected initially. LMC maintains that 2021 is poised to continue the recovery, with volume projected at 86.5 million units, up 11% from 2020. AI thinks while the past isn’t a 100% sure predictor of the future, the new – perhaps more virulent strains of the Covid virus, the nationalistic fights over vaccines, the emergence of fascism and sedition in the US,  and stricter and ongoing social controls in most major market are huge risks. Continue reading

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Auto Plant Downtime Looming as COVID-19 Thrives?

LMC notes that projected regional and export demand, along with inventory replenishment, has it forecast that US automakers will produce nearly 40,000 vehicles daily in the second half of 2020. Continue reading

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LMC Automotive Now Projects Double the Decline of the Great Recession in Light Vehicle Sales During 2020

LMC currently is forecasting 2020 global Light Vehicle sales to fall below 77 million units, a decline of nearly 14 million units or -15% from the 2019 level. For comparison, global Light Vehicle sales fell 6 million units from 2007-2009 to 64 million units, a two-year decline of 8.7%, or 4.5% CAGR. Continue reading

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