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Chrysler Group U.S. November Sales up 14%

Chrysler Group today reported U.S. sales of 122,565 units, a 14% increase compared with sales in November 2011 (107,172 units), and the group’s best November sales since 2007 before the Great Recession put it into bankruptcy. Continue reading

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Chrysler Moves Forward on Eliminating Printed Owner Manuals

Chrysler Group, the first automaker to eliminate the conventional owner manuals from its vehicles and offer industry-first vehicle-information apps in a cost cutting move, will now apparently be the first in the auto industry to offer vehicle-information kits in Spanish for the U.S. market. Continue reading

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EU Cars Sales Drop 9% in August as Eurozone Crisis Continues

The crisis in the Eurozone continued unabated as new car sales dropped 9% in August year-over-year after declining by 7.8% in July. As a result, in the 27 countries that comprise the EU, sales dropped to 688,000 vehicles. Year-to-date sales are down to 8.3 million units, the lowest in decades and the fifth straight year of sales declines. Continue reading

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CAW Working as 24-hour Contract Talks Shift to Chrysler, GM

Thus far, what is known of the Ford contract represents mixed results for the union, which was fighting a defensive action since talks opened in August. In spite of a push to reduce wage costs by all the automakers, the union retained its base pay and got cost of living bonuses. However, the controversial two-tier wage system that union members decry as divisive remains in place for ten years. Sharply lower wages for new hires at 60% of full pay would only allow them to reach parity after they are on the job for ten years. This could pose ratification problems. A similar deal remains controversial at the UAW in the U.S. among its members, which was successful last year in getting a two-tier contract renewed in spite of member opposition. Continue reading

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June Auto Sales Soar with Mixed Results for Detroit Three

Sales of new cars and light trucks in June increased 22% from the same period a year ago, as the auto industry delivered almost 1.3 million vehicles for the month. On a seasonally adjusted annual basis or SAAR, this meant that the industry-selling rate continues to be more than 14 million units for five of the six months of 2012, resulting in sales of more than 7.2 million vehicles year-to-date. The slowly recovering auto market presented mixed but arguably positive results for the Detroit Three. Continue reading

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New EPA Grants Go to Clean Up Contaminated Industrial Sites

Since its inception, EPA’s brownfield investments have used more than $18.3 billion in cleanup and redevelopment funding from public and private sources. During an election year, the ‘no jobs’ Obama Administration claims this has resulted in approximately 75,500 jobs. More than 18,000 properties have been assessed, and more than 700 properties have been cleaned up. Continue reading

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Chrysler Execs to Move into Detroit for the First Time

Chrysler is leasing nearly 33,000 square feet of space and, after the space is refurbished, about 70 people will move in. It’s largely a symbolic gesture now, but it’s important for the city of Detroit and the comeback car company that many had left for dead. Continue reading

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Chrysler Group Q1 Profit $740 million on 33% Sales Increase

“I have really no bad news to tell you,” said Sergio Marchionne, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chrysler Group. “We continue to focus on new product launches, and 2012 is the weakest year for new products. The big one is 2013.” Continue reading

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