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Automaker Profits Post-Covid Hiding Supplier Weakness

The continued trend delivers a “complex backdrop for an industry committing $526 billion through 2026,” AlixPartners’ analysis finds, to fund the shift to battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). The transition, now taking place amid a weakening economic outlook, could cost automakers and suppliers $70 billion if not effectively managed, the analysis finds. There are several implications for consumers here – not all of them benign. Continue reading

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Semiconductors – Auto Industry to Lose $210B in Revenue

Exec Summary: There are no more cushions left in the industry when it comes to production or obtaining material. Any shortage or production interruption in any part of the world affects companies around the globe. Worse, the impacts are now amplified due to all the other shortages. Continue reading

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Center for Automotive Research: “Puzzle-Piece” Approach Endangered by New-Mobility Ecosystem, Says Alix Partners

The puzzle-piece that automakers and suppliers are historically best at – vehicle architectures, systems and assembly – will be just a part of the overall mobility mosaic. This could mean that legacy players need to be discerning about the partnerships they choose with “the other pieces of the puzzle,” such as technology and MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) companies, or efficient with the investments they make to compete with them, or both, claims AlixPartners’ Mark Wakefield. Continue reading

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Western Europe Sales Slump Permanent?

“Flat is the new up in Western Europe,” claims John Hoffecker, co-president of AlixPartners. “Our models show Western European sales reaching a bottom of 12 million units in 2014, and largely remaining there for the foreseeable future – far from the historical peak of 2007, when 16.8 million units were sold. Continue reading

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