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Deadly Cocktail – Marijuana and Alcohol

“Alcohol impairment is associated with almost 30% of the fatalities on our roadways, and we have made very little progress to reduce this toll over the past three decades. Now we are adding another impairing substance to the mix,” IIHS President David Harkey said ahead of his presentation at the annual meeting of the Governors’ Highway Safety Association in Louisville, Kentucky. Continue reading

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Night Testing Scores of Pedestrian Automatic Braking Poor

However, since reaching a low point in 2009, federal estimates for 2021 show pedestrian crash deaths have risen ~80%. The ~7300 pedestrians killed in 2021 accounted for almost a fifth of all traffic fatalities. Three-quarters of those fatalities occur at night, when research shows most pedestrian AEB systems are less effective. Continue reading

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New Side-Crash Tests: Few Mid-Size Cars Rated Good

New Side-Crash Tests: Few Mid-Size Cars Rated Good Continue reading

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IIHS Wants Speed limiters on Trucks: ’bout time!

Why this is creeping at an idle rate in the bureaucracy is inexplicable because excessive speed was a factor in about one-third of all US crash deaths during 2020. FMCSA began discussing speed limiters more than a decade ago. Continue reading

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IIHS: Federal Rule On Truck Under-Ride Inadequate

The US DOT Safe System approach works by building and reinforcing multiple layers of protection to both prevent crashes from happening and minimize the harm caused to those involved when crashes do occur. This is a change from a conventional safety approach because it focuses on both human mistakes And human vulnerability. In theory, it designs a system with many redundancies in place to protect everyone.  Continue reading

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Hyundai Ioniq 5 Top Safety Pick+ from IIHS

The 2022 Ioniq 5 standard front crash prevention system earns superior ratings in the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian evaluations. The SEL and Limited trims come equipped with good-rated LED projector headlights, while the SE trim comes with LED reflectors that earn an acceptable rating. The award applies to vehicles built after December 2021, when Hyundai made changes to the front seats that could affect the head restraint evaluation. Continue reading

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Covid Lock-downs Caused Ongoing Speeding, Risky Driving

“The empty roads probably tempted pandemic-stressed drivers to put the pedal down,” says Jessica Cicchino, vice president of research at IIHS. “But information collected since the lock-downs ended and the roads filled back up suggests that risky driving has become the new normal.” Continue reading

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Safety Performance of Advanced Vehicle Technologies Murky

The set of crashes, which automakers and operators reported to NHTSA from the time the SGO was issued last June, are clearly important. They provide NHTSA with direct information about crashes that occur with vehicles that have various levels of automated driving systems deployed at least 30 seconds before a crash occurred. Continue reading

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