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Ford DIY COVID-19 Air Filtration Kit?

The study found that box fan air cleaners like this can serve as an effective low-cost alternative for mitigating airborne transmission risks in poorly ventilated spaces. In addition to the peer-reviewed article, research conducted by Well Living Lab, founded as a collaboration between Delos and Mayo Clinic, found similar air purifiers were effective at improving air quality in poorly ventilated areas. Continue reading

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Census Bureau – 26% of Adults Struggle on Expenses

Of  pressing concern –  adults living in households not current on rent or mortgage, 30.6% report eviction or foreclosure in the next two months is somewhat or very likely. Continue reading

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Herd Immunity? Toyota Motor Reports $9.87 Billion Q3 FY 2021 Profit. Ups Forecast by +54%

Toyota Motor, the world’s largest automaker posted a $9.87 billion Q3 FY Profit compared to $9.45b during the same period one year ago, in what appears to be Toyota herd immunity from the Covid-19 virus and variants that are killing other automakers. As a result of the strong showing upholding Akio Toyota’s vow to remain profitable despite the ongoing Global Pandemic, Toyota increase its yearly forecast by 54%. Toyota now predicts a record operating profit $19.13 billion (¥2 trillion), surpassing an earlier projection of ¥1.3 trillion. Continue reading

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Nissan Losses ¥37.8 Billion in Q3. Alliance Still Shaky

As for the unstable Alliance post-Ghosn, “Nissan’s results during the Q3 of fiscal year 2020/2021 (October 1st to December 31st 2020), after IFRS restatements, will have a negative contribution to Renault’s Q4 2020 net income estimated at – €123 million,” Renault said in a separate release. Continue reading

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BMW Says It’s Solvent, Marginally Profitable During 2020

The positive operating result of the Automotive segment in the fourth quarter is partially due to “better than expected re-marketing results in the pre-owned car market.” This of course has a positive effect in the Financial Services segment, leading to a Return on Equity for the segment which is only slightly down on prior year as opposed to a moderate decline as indicated in the current outlook. However, the EBIT margin in the Automotive Segment for the full year 2020 is at the “upper end of the 0 – 3% corridor.” The Group EBT remains within the outlook and in line with market expectations. Continue reading

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November EU Commercial Vehicle Sales Flat. YTD -20%

Year-to-date reflects the ongoing Covid catastrophe. Sales at 1.5 million units  were down -20.3% 11 months into 2020. All EU27 markets – including the four major ones – have recorded double-digit declines so far in 2020, although less steep than in the preceding months: Spain (-28.4%), France (-18.4%), Germany (-16.3%) and Italy (-15.6%). Continue reading

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Federal Reserve President on Do Nothing Republicans – The Economy Goes Where The Virus Goes

“Fiscal support is really critical. When Congress came out with the CARES Act, we saw immediately how that cushioned households and small businesses and helped them get through the virus. The virus is still with us, so more is needed. … If we don’t get that, then this is a mini fiscal cliff, maybe even a major fiscal cliff… Continue reading

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Covid Casualties – GM US Q3 Sales Drop Year over Year

GM tried to spin the weak Q3 as the Seasonally Adjusted Selling Rate – aka SAAR – was ~15.9 million vehicles for the quarter, up about 4 million units from the previous disastrous pandemic quarter. Mention was made of the pent-up demand effect that started at the end of Q1 continuing through Q2 as the economy was mimicking the Great Depression because of the Covid shutdown. Continue reading

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