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GM 2021 Sustainability Report – Equitable Climate Actions

The report comes after a Q1 earnings report that showed financial performance that was down for shareholders – at $1.35 per share, off  $0.68 compared year-over-year. Overall, Q1 net earnings of $ 2,939,000,000 came from $11 billion in revenue, with a Net Income margin of 8.2%, down 1.1 ppts.* GM’s Q1 market share was 9% on sales of 1.4 million units. Market share was down year-over-year due to semiconductor shortages and lack of dealer inventory. GM has an ambitious strategy that it must execute almost flawlessly to retain its position among other leading global automakers. Continue reading

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Ford Issues 2022 Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report

The problem with all such reports is that saying something doesn’t mean that other areas of the company are actually supporting the stated goals. “Combining sustainability and financial performance in a single report,” Ford said, “is significant.” Well, given this, Ford has actively opposed attempts by stockholders at the last few annual meetings to reveal its PAC contributions. Is Ford dispensing shareholder money to politicians or companies that are actively opposed to its stated goals? Given the vast complexity of Ford’s, Democracies’ and the globe’s survival threats, it’s a key measurable in AutoInformed’s view. Continue reading

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Toyota Joins WWF on Living Asian Forest Project

WWF and Toyota Motor Corporation have a five-year agreement to work together to promote biodiversity, raise environmental awareness and accelerate the move toward a zero carbon society. Continue reading

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EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA today issued its annual enforcement results, which the Agency said showed significant environmental and public health protections achieved during 2012. EPA said that there was a reduction of 2.2 billion pounds of air, water and land pollution, and 4.4 billion pounds of hazardous waste, as well as $252 million in civil and criminal penalties levied. Continue reading

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More U.S. Companies Working on Sustainability and CO2 Reduction

The Carbon Disclosure Project released today an analysis showing that S&P 500 companies are making progress towards reducing carbon emission when compared to the so-called Global 500. CDP claims its results show a “tipping point” has now been reached in American C-suites and boardrooms to integrate a sustainability agenda into overall business strategy. This apparent acknowledgement of the growing spending and voting power of the green movement is occurring without comprehensive regulatory requirements in the U.S. to reduce CO2, and despite the goal – sometimes actually stated this election season – of Republican party candidates to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency and ignore climate change and possible remedial actions. Continue reading

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Gibson Guitar Plea Avoids Prosecution for Importing Protected Woods

Gibson Guitar entered into an agreement with the United States today resolving a criminal investigation into allegations that the company violated the Lacey Act first passed in 1900 by illegally purchasing and importing ebony wood from Madagascar and rosewood and ebony from India. Continue reading

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