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Volkswagen and Ford Alliance Under Study

Against this backdrop and with a possible shakeout as devastating as occurred more than a century ago as the automobile emerged, it’s not surprising that long established car companies are seeking collaborative agreements to share the risks, cut the cost of research, development and production and survive as an entity when taking an individual road appears one paved with doom. Continue reading

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Ford Motor October Sales Increase 14%

Ford Motor Company’s October U.S. total sales of 191,985 vehicles increased 14% compared to October 2012 that was severely depressed because of Hurricane Sandy. In an overall market that rose 8%, with extremely weak results for the first two weeks of the Republican-led government shutdown. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Company U.S. Sales Up 6% in March

Ford Motor Company March U.S. sales increased by 6% at 236,160 vehicles sold compared to last March in a market projected to grow by 8% overall. It was Ford Motor Company’s best U.S. sales results since May 2007. Cars were even with a year ago, utilities up 14% and trucks up 6%. Continue reading

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Ford Motor January Sales up 22%, Best since 2006

After the F-Series pickup, the second best seller in the Ford line was the new Fusion sedan at 22,000, followed closely by the Escape at 20,000, the best January ever. Escape also had its best January ever, – sales increasing 16%, topping last year’s January record. The Fusion and Escape are apparently coated with Teflon, since reputation damaging multiple recalls after their launch, including engine fires affecting both, were ignored by buyers of the European-based vehicles that were redesigned for 2013 without the help of former subsidiary Mazda.
Continue reading

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Ford Sells off Former Lincoln Assembly Plant in Wixom, Michigan

The Wixom plant opened in 1957 and produced numerous vehicles over the years, including the Lincoln Continental, Town Car, LS, Mark VI, VII and VIII, as well as the Ford Thunderbird (an LS underneath and with the same interior) and Ford GT. Ford stopped production at the Wixom Assembly Plant in 2007 as sales of Lincoln vehicles, by then rebadged Ford models, plummeted. Continue reading

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Lincoln to be Sold in China by Late 2014

The announcement means that Ford will have to pump a lot of money into the almost dead U.S. brand, which has virtually no global presence. In July, Lincoln sales dropped to just 7,000, off -11% year-over-year in a U.S. market that grew by 9%. Last year Lincoln sold 85,643 re-badged Fords, a flat performance in a market that’s up ~10% from 2010.Year-to-date Lincoln is at 50,000 vehicles, a 1.8% decline y-o-y in a total market up 14%, or 18% in the passenger car segment. Continue reading

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Ford Motor U.S. Sales Increase 7% in January. Industry up 11%

The Ford F-Series, America’s top-selling vehicle for the past 30 years, posted January sales of 38,493 vehicles, representing an 8% gain amid signs that the full size pickup truck market in the U.S. is declining. Here preliminary numbers show that full size trucks now account for only 11% of the total industry. Continue reading

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Lincoln MKZ Concept Derived off Ford Fusion Debuts at NAIAS

Lincoln needs some sales successes and in the U.S – virtually its only outlet for this fading regional brand – where luxury car sales range from ~10-13% of the market annually. There’s an enormous opportunity now posed by Generation Y types, 80% of whom say they would consider a luxury car in the $30,000 range, which hasn’t escaped impending product actions at Lexus, Acura, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, among others. Continue reading

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