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Inside Job – Mark Reuss Named General Motors President

Reuss once kicked the author’s butt at a closed track in New York State. It’s surprising when the North American president of an auto company appears at a race track to drive a car he worked on as an engineer. It’s embarrassing, though, when he’s as fast, well frankly faster, than any hot shoe out there. I was looking at Reuss’s taillights – in the distance. (see AutoInformed on Driving the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe) Continue reading

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General Motors Revises 2015 Strategy to Slash Costs and Streamline Engineering as Market and Competition Toughen

General Motors (NYSE: GM) said this morning that it will accelerate its business plan, building on the strategy it laid out in 2015 that has resulted in lack-luster returns for shareholders. GM is acknowledging what most automakers hold private: the marketplace is moving faster than automakers. Continue reading

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Akerson Reorganizing GM Again! Product Development Split. Vice Chairman Stephens Moved to Chief Technology Officer

The new CTO position was said to be a “major element of Akerson’s goal to make the company more customer driven and technology focused.”

However, the previous GM technology position occupied by Larry Burns was in practicality more of academic exercise that produce reams of press releases extolling the virtues of fuel cells and other advanced technologies that had no immediate production prospects, and did not connect GM to customers or advance sales as the company sped toward bankruptcy. Continue reading

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