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Solid State Batteries Lure Mercedes-Benz to Factorial Energy

Solid-state batteries exist as vaporware currently. They are enticing because of the difference in the use of an electrolyte that is made of solid material instead of the commonly used liquid electrolyte. The electrolyte, of course, is needed to transport ions back and forth between the electrodes when charging and discharging the battery. Solid electrolytes promise optimization of battery safety, as well as the use of new types of anodes, such as lithium-metal anodes. These can provide an almost doubled energy density compared to today’s Li-ion battery cells. As a result, they promise an increase in range, while at the same time ensuring shorter charging times. Continue reading

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Volkswagen Recalls Atlas SUVs for Sudden Air Bag Explosions

Incorrectly manufactured parts at a sub-supplier, Air International Thermal of Auburn Michigan, for the air conditioning system is the cause of the safety defect. The so-called remedy component is the same part number as the recalled part which has been correctly manufactured. In an apparent attempt to limit the cost of the recall, the recalled part will be repaired if affected, not replaced. The recalled part is the Air Conditioner Evaporator Housing, part number 3QF.820.007. Continue reading

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Stellantis Has Lithium Supply Deal with Vulcan Energy

Stellantis also claims – focused firmly on the capital markets required for enormous funding – that it will be 30% more efficient than the industry with respect to total Capex and R&D spend versus revenues. At the moment there is no factory nor a proven process at Vulcan at the scale needed for mass production. Vulcan too need access to the capital markets to survive. Continue reading

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Don’t Aim Holiday Laser-Light Displays at the Sky

“If we become aware that your laser-light display affects pilots, we’ll ask you to adjust them or turn them off. If your laser-light display continues to affect pilots, despite our warnings, you could face a civil penalty,” said the FAA. The FAA works with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to pursue civil and criminal penalties against individuals who purposely aim a laser at an aircraft. It can impose civil penalties of up to $11,000 per violation. Civil penalties of up to $30,800 have been imposed by the FAA against individuals for multiple laser incidents. Continue reading

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Renault and TheArsenale Unveil AIR4. What?

The original Renault 4 was a simple, efficient and versatile vehicle built between 1961 and 1992. A “blue jeans” car, as the former head of Renault Group, Pierre Dreyfus, used to describe it. It transported families, businesses and the likes of the gendarmerie and La Poste, as well as helping several generations of young motorists just getting behind the wheel. Now there’s a 4L designed to drive along above our heads. AIR4 claims the air as the new road of the future, according to Renault. Continue reading

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Daimler Truck Moves Past MB Commercial Vehicles to Wörth

With Daimler splitting into two independent companies* on 1 December, Daimler Truck has transferred the first batch of historic Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and parts of its truck and bus archive to a location in Wörth. Daimler Truck’s collection contains around … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2021 – We Celebrate Our 401st Annual Feast

This war was won – against all odds by common militias and irregulars. They compelled a superpower British Army to surrender in the field for the first time since the tyrant Napoleon – because the Crown and its privileged generals were fighting an idea first put forth in our Declaration of Independence, then codified in our Constitution that “We the People” would govern ourselves. This WE idea was bigger than a richly privileged class who hired others to fight for them. Now, once again, the courtiers of privilege and wealth – if not mega-wealth itself – is presiding over our fate using hatred and drummed up grievances that omit WE in favor of traitorous behavior aimed at burning Our Constitution at the hands of proud boys of insurrection. Continue reading

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US November Light Vehicle Sales Forecast Down Again

“Retail inventory on dealer lots is expected to end below one million vehicles for a fourth consecutive month, with sales in each month being dictated by the number of vehicles delivered to dealerships rather than reflecting actual demand,” said Thomas King, president of the data and analytics division at J.D. Power Continue reading

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