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Restricted Sale of Genesis GV60 EV Starts Today at $60,000

The GV60 will be offered in two packages in the United States. Initially, the 2023 Genesis GV60 will only be sold at some Genesis retailers in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. It is as much a biometric information sales experiment as it is a vehicle. Customer response will be worth watching. No range numbers were in the release? Continue reading

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A Closer Look at Biden’s 49 MPG CAFE Standard

The new Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards proposed by the Biden Administration# last month require an industry-wide fleet average of ~49 mpg for passenger cars and light trucks in model year 2026, the strongest fuel efficiency standards to date. On … Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz USA – Stop Driving ML, GL, R-Class Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz AG has found that moisture may wick under a rubber sleeve installed around the brake booster housing. Following extended time in the field with significant water exposure, this safety defect could result in corrosion in the joint area of the brake booster housing, thus contributing to a vacuum leak at the brake booster. The brake force support might be reduced, leading to an increase in the brake pedal forces required to decelerate the vehicle and/or to a potentially increased stopping distance.In some cases it could be impossible to stop the vehicle with the brake pedal. Continue reading

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CBO – Taxpayer Cost is $31B for Troubled Asset Relief Program

To AutoInformed’s knowledge not one person at the firms responsible has been successfully prosecuted for what was rampant financial fraud that caused the housing and stock markets to collapse as the ratings agencies paid by the swindlers continued to claim the complex financial instruments issued were investment grade when they were indeed junk. Junk bonds – never has a financial instrument so honestly been named. Continue reading

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Nissan Posts First Annual Profit in Three Years.

“It is clear that our industry and therefore our performance was impacted by intensifying headwinds in the last fiscal year,” said chief operating officer Ashwani Gupta, warning that conditions remain uncertain to an unprecedented degree. Continue reading

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Ford India Shelves EV Manufacturing Export Plans

In an official response as Ford’s Annual Meeting was underway in the US, Ford India’s spokesperson confirmed and said, “After careful review, we have decided to no longer pursue EV manufacturing for exports from any Indian plant.” At the Annual Meeting Bill Ford and Jim Farley fielded tough questions about its EV strategy, splitting the company into two arms and ongoing supply chain and perennial guilty problems. Ford shares are down ~40% this year. (AutoInformed: Ford Motor Blues – Q1 Loss of $3.1 Billion; Ford Motor Structure Threatens Viability. Vast Reorg Coming) Continue reading

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Volta Trucks Says it Has a US Market Strategy

Volta Trucks will initially introduce a Pilot Fleet of 100 Class 7 trucks in mid-2023 that will be evaluated by US customers, starting in Los Angeles in mid-2023, with additional cities to follow, ahead of a promised roll out of production vehicles in 2024.

However, thus far  Volta Trucks has built only 24 road-going ‘Design Verification’ prototypes which are currently undergoing testing in Europe. Ahead of the introduction in North America, the company expects to have already built more than 1,500 full-electric Class 7 trucks for European customers. Continue reading

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Toyota Annual Results Show Profitability Struggle Goes On

So in Toyota’s view its profitability struggle goes on. Akio Toyoda said consolidated vehicle sales for the period were 8.230 million units, which was 107.6% of consolidated vehicle sales for the same period of the previous 2021 fiscal year. The year-end dividend will be 28 yen per share. Thus, Toyota finds itself pretty much in the same place as all other major automakers. Continue reading

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