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Toyota, Redwood Materials to Recycle Electric Vehicle Batteries

Redwood Materials claims it is reducing the environmental footprint and cost of lithium-ion batteries by offering large-scale sources of domestic anode and cathode materials produced from recycled batteries. Redwood receives more than ~6 GWh of end-of-life batteries annually for recycling, which are then refined and remanufactured into critical battery materials. The company plans to increase production of anode and cathode components in the US to 100 GWh annually by 2025, enough to produce more than one million electric vehicles a year. Continue reading

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Hyundai Motor, Michelin MoU to Develop Tires for Premium EVs

It appears a prime motivator of the new research is on tire performance to accommodate the increases in vehicle weight that will occur as automakers rush to convert or spawn EVs in the utility vehicle and luxury segments, which generally speaking are larger and less efficient than their counterparts in the more modestly priced car segments. As the size, weight and range of EVs continue to increase, so do the demands placed on the tires. Continue reading

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US EV Purchase Consideration Up. Income Matters

However, “The addition of new EV models has moved the needle on consumer consideration,” said Stewart Stropp, senior director of automotive retail at J.D. Power. “In fact, several new models from perennial mass market brands are at the top of that consideration list. Even so, more remains to be done in terms of transitioning from early to mass adoption. Though the study findings show a shift in favor of EVs, about 76% of new-vehicle shoppers say they are not ‘very likely’ to consider buying one.” Continue reading

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Ford Motor US Sales Drop Again in May. Shakeout Coming?

Ford Motor no longer bothers to hold press conferences covering monthly sales. Yesterday Jim Farley, President and Chief Executive Officer when asked at the Alliance Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference about Tesla and five other EV companies with a market cap above $20 billion – meaning the market is saying there’re at least six credible new entrants – said, “We’re going to see very large consolidation and big changes. I would say new EV companies probably will get simpler and Chinese will become more important… Continue reading

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Embracing the Inevitable? – Buick all EVs by 2030

The Buick Wildcat EV concept, a large  a 2+2 coupe with challenging sight-lines for the driver, demonstrates the new global brand design language that – it’s claimed – will be apparent in production vehicles going forward. The pointy nose could present a problem – when parking or when parking the badge. Continue reading

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Stellantis, Toyota Expand with New Large Commercial Van

Stellantis and TME’s collaboration started in 2012 with the Toyota’s mid-size LCV produced at Stellantis’ Hordain plant in France, followed in 2019 by a compact-size LCV segment, produced at Stellantis’ plant in Vigo, Spain. The large-size LCV announcement allows Toyota to complete a full LCV line-up in Europe. It also – as many such emerging agreements do – offsets the ruinous development and production costs of the ongoing electrification of offerings demanded by governments and customers. Continue reading

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Adopt a Charger, Rivian Installing EV Chargers in MI Parks

Republicans continue to oppose and block the badly needed Build Back Better national program. Many governors are embracing the future in ways they can help clean energy.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan today joined state and local officials and representatives from Adopt a Charger and startup electric vehicle wanna-be Rivian* at the first of ~15 EV charging sites to be installed at state parks and a fish hatchery in Michigan during the next few years. Two Rivian Waypoints (sic) chargers were unveiled at the 142-acre state park in Ottawa County. Continue reading

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Stellantis and Samsung SDI JV to Build EV Batteries in Kokomo

The joint venture company will invest more than $2.5 billion (€2.3 billion) and create 1400 new jobs in Kokomo and the surrounding areas. The investment could gradually increase up to $3.1 billion (€2.9 billion). The new facility will supply battery modules for a range of vehicles produced at Stellantis’ North American assembly plants. Continue reading

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